With its patented magnetic braking technology, the zipSTOP

zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

With its patented magnetic braking technology, the zipSTOP comfortably slows zip line riders. Hands-free braking eliminates rider participation and as such minimizes the potential for human error. Zip line riders can kick back, relax and enjoy the view without worrying about how or when to brake.

If you want to install a zip line with a greater descent, the zipSTOP is an excellent choice.

ZipSTOP is available in three different types. It is the arrival speed that determines which type that is best suited for your zip line:

ZipSTOP devices and minimum/maximum arrival speed:

  • ZipSTOP: 6 – 36 km/t
  • ZipSTOP IR: 6 – 60 km/t
  • ZipSTOP Speed: 0 – 72km/t

Key Features

  • Magnetic brakes automatically reduces arrival speeds
  • Comfortable and hands-free braking
  • Automatically resets itself after use
  • Can be used outdoors in most weather conditions
  • Rider weight capacity: 15 to 150 kg
  • Weight: 19,75 kg

Hoyt & Lavt can help you with a complete installation of the zipSTOP and we’ll tailor the experience to suit the needs of your park and its guests. Read more about the zipSTOP zip line brake.

Required Annual Recertification

Hoyt & Lavt are a Head Rush Technologies certified service center and we will gladly help with the required annual recertification of your ZipSTOP Device.


If you’re looking to purchase a ZipSTOP Device or need assistance with recertification please contact us.


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