Building an Obstacle Course

If you want to create a safe and fun environment for your youngest kids, then a Høyt & Lavt playground is an excellent choice.


If you want to create a safe and fun environment for your youngest kids, then a Høyt & Lavt playground is an excellent choice. All the elements and installations are adapted to the terrain and the playgrounds surroundings. You don’t need a lot of trees either – we can install poles to build your playground. All playground elements delivered by H&L are built in accordance to NS-EN 15567- 1:2015 regulations. For playgrounds where the climbing elements are operated without safety gear, the elements are installed in accordance with NS-EN 1176 and NS-EN 1177 as appropriate.

Initial Inspection

During our initial inspection we’ll make a rough design and look at the potential and opportunities of your area. You’ll receive an initial design draft, a budget estimate and a detailed description of your order. This provides you with a clear and concise view of what establishing a park will mean both financially and practically. These documents can be of great help when applying for funding and can help you in attracting investors. We can also assist you with acquiring local permits and zoning plans.

H&L playground elements are designed for children ages four (4) and up, with adult supervision. Use of the elements and installations by children under the age of four is normally not recommended. However, the elements can be adapted depending on the type of use and terrain.


All playgrounds built by H&L are custom made and tailored to each specific location. Normally, you should expect a construction time of one to three weeks. We will also test the playground and train staff. You should expect a minimum of two (2) months from deciding to build a playground and until it is ready for use.

Playground Maintenance and Follow-Up

Running a playground requires maintenance, development and follow-up and we’ve integrated this as a part of our internal control systems through different routines and systems. We want to be ahead of the curve and plan yearly maintenance and follow-ups of our playground installations. We also do maintenance and follow-up on other installations/elements upon request.

Government Certificate of Approval
All H&L adventure park installations and products are built in compliance with both national and international regulations.

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