Adventure Installations

Klatretårnene våre har høy kapasitet for aktivitet, kreativitet, er driftseffektive og kan brukes innendørs og utendørs.

Looking for that extra something to spruce up your park? Then we have got several possibilities at the ready! Here at H&L we pride ourselves on designing and building elements that will give families and corporate groups alike a fun challenge. All H&L adventure parks and elements are built in accordance with international and national regulations and guidelines.

Initial Inspection

During our initial inspection we’ll make a rough design and look at the potential and opportunities of your area. You’ll receive an initial design draft, a budget estimate and a detailed description of your order. This provides you with a clear and concise view of what establishing a park will mean both financially and practically. These documents can be of great help when applying for funding and can help you in attracting investors. We can also assist you with zoning plans and aquiring permits.

The initial inspection documents are like the blueprints for your house, providing you with a solid foundation for further work, budgeting and planning of your park.

Our Adventure Installations

We can provide a variety of installations and elements for your park – no matter the purpose or target audience. Below you’ll find a selection of installations for your park but we can also create something unique and exciting tailored for your needs and your park. Just get in touch!

Climbing Towers

We can build a wide range of climbing towers, which can function as a free-standing
landmark or a tower integrated in your park trails. Our latest innovation is a tower in
solid wood – a true landmark! Climbing towers can be built in different sizes and can
be both inside and outside. These towers are a great addition to your park’s “skyline”
and very cost-efficient installations.

Netting Parks

Netting is an excellent choice if you want your guests to roam free and explore the park in a safe environment. The netting can be installed in trees or poles high above ground, and lets your guests enjoy the park without being locked in to a safety line. This makes a netting park quite different from the climbing trails, where you follow a set trail from start to finish. Read more about the Notteparken netting park we built at H&L Vestfold.

Free-Fall Installations

Through the years we’ve built a range of free-fall installations, either as separate elements, in trees or in combination with climbing trails and towers. When we built Himmelfallet (Skyfall) at H&L Vestfold, we wanted to give our guests the opportunity to feel like a base jumper – in a safe environment! These let your guests feel the air under their wings and get their adrenaline running – and serve as a welcome addition to your park. Read more about our products to find the perfect fit for your park.

Government Certificate of Approval

All H&L adventure park installations and products are built in compliance with both national and international regulations.

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